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JedPay E-Wallet

Create your FREE JedPay E-Wallet enabling Transfer and Receipt of funds Instantly, Globally in 20+ FIAT Currencies.

CRYPTO Currency Wallet

Buy, Sell, Send, Receive Crypto.

E-Commerce Transactions

Secure Global Purchases, Withdrawals and Transfers in FIAT and Crypto.

Are you ready for NEXTGEN solutions, innovative finance structures, a fresh and forward thinking currency evolution?

The JedPay Global Financial Network is a Trademark of a NEXTGEN Fintech Company offering slick and reliably structured Banking Services to its customers. Fast International sending and receiving of FIAT and all major Currencies, a Crypto Exchange, along with numerous other applicable Services.

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Highly Competitive Fees starting at 0%! You are able to Transfer to any Country, any hour, No Limit, No Hidden Fee, Instantly 24-Hours of the day.

Reliant upon this NEXTGEN Banking System, JedPay allows customers to transfer currency to your Friends or Family, in any country, at any time. JedPay eliminates time and associated costs, and JedPay are reshaping 24-Hours Global Remittance Systems.

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An extremely slick and simple, every-day method of managing your Finances with JedPay.

Everyday shopping, making bill payments and monthly subscriptions, to topping-up your Mobile Phone or Remitting Currency cross-border also benefitting from Prepaid-Debit Cards offers an additional Slick, Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution. With an extremely straightforward, fast-track KYC process - simply providing proof of your Identity and Residential Address on ordering the JedPay Prepaid-Debit Card is effortless and non-evasive. No Credit Checks, no lengthy Application Process.

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Digital Currency is also available via the JedPayVoucher, NEXTGEN Payment Method

JedPayVoucher is the Digital form of Currency, amounting to a slick Payment Method offering opportunities to purchase endless Products and Services. JedPayVoucher is available on a Pre-Paid basis, standing-out and offering added value given that it is available across many Continents.

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JedPay is a trusted, NEXTGEN Cryptocurrency Exchange offering slick and innovative Services with a fast-developing market

JedPay aims to provide our customers with the fastest and most trusted Crypto Exchange experience. Earning that trust amounts to our highest priority. Trust earned due to the the highest levels of security whereby the majority of our Digital Assets are held safely in Cold Wallets. The JedPay Platform provides World Class Financial Stability by maintaining Solid Reserves, healthy and robust Banking relationships supported the highest standards of Legals and Compliance.

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